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    ♥ Pineapple puppy toy suitable for Puppies/Small Dogs up to 10Kg

    ♥ Customised for puppies to satisfy their instinctual chewing needs and soothes discomforts from teething

    ♥ Providing mental stimulation and promotes healthy chewing and play, rolls and bounces erratically

    ♥ Serves as a small dog chew toy, a treat dispenser toy, a boredom puzzle toy, a frozen peanut butter 'ice-lolly', a fetch and catch interactive toy

    ♥ Durable, Tough, Strong and virtually indestructible for small dogs, and approved by 98% of chewers

    ♥ Perfect level of softness and unique 3D granular texture to gently massage gum, clean teeth and improve your puppies’ dental hygiene during daily use, help control plaque & tartar

    ♥ This toy helps solve destructive chewing, teething, dental health, boredom, separation anxiety, training, exercise, and more


    Small-10.3cm l x 10cm w x 10cm h


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