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Dog Grooming Policies

Policies and Procedures

  • The dog is fit and healthy. Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at owner’s risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems which we cannot be held liable.
  • The dog is vaccinated up to date. An unvaccinated dog puts itself & others at risk.
  • Please advise if your dog is aggressive with people/dogs, and whether a muzzle can be used if required.
  • BellaJoJos cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions to products used; this includes but not limited to shampoos, colognes and ear cleaner. Any known allergies should be disclosed to the groomer prior to appointment.
  • It must be clearly understood and agreed whilst every care and attention is give to your dog(s) they are accepted at the owner’s risk. Our first concern is for the welfare of your dog so in the event of an injury or illness a vet may be called and unless it can be clearly shown we are liable, all costs in connection with and in the carrying out of his instructions shall be at the owner’s cost. We recommend all dogs are insured.
  • Payment is due upon collection of your dog. Estimates are based on an average dog of the breed or type and assume the dog is presented in good condition and of sound temperament. Additional charges will apply for the extra time and products involved in grooming neglected coats, in-particular those which require clipping off due to severe matting and for dogs whose temperament or health also requires more time to complete.
  • We do not have holding crates / facilities for dogs, we will call prior to your dog being ready for collection. Once 15 minutes has elapsed after the arranged collection time a £10 charge or after 30 minutes a £20 charge will be added to the final price. We kindly ask all clients to collect their dog in a timely manner and allow sufficient time for traffic / parking.
  • A full bladder or bowel can be very uncomfortable for a dog whilst it is being groomed. Please ensure that your pet has been toileted before bringing them to the Spa, as we do not have toiling facilities onsite. A £10 cleaning fee will be applied to dog’s that frequently toilet in the salon.
  • We will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress that we think is excessive. In some situations, this can include nail trimming. In these cases we may need to refer you to a vet for sedation.
  • Please note that dogs with flea’s cannot be accepted. If your dog has fleas please treat them prior to visiting the Spa. Should your dog be brought to us with infestation which is discovered after the groom has started a flea surcharge of £20 will apply. This covers the coat of flea elimination: pets with fleas are washed 2-3 times with specialist shampoo, towels must be bagged and laundered separately, and the Spa must be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected.
  • We are unable to accept dogs which are in season or are pregnant.
  • We do not offer any anal gland emptying as this procedure is recommended to be carried out by a veterinary surgeon. (This is confirmed in law by the veterinary surgeons act 1966)
  • Matts are a serious problem and if left unattended may be harmful to your dog. When matts become very close to the skin it may cut off the blood circulation to that particular area. Serious matts can be painful to your dog. If your dog’s coat is not regularly groomed, the skin can’t breathe properly, it may become torn and infection could set in. In seriously matted dogs, every movement will create pain. Should your pet snap when being touched, or start dragging and scratching itself, matts could be the reason why. The ‘hot spots’ for matts are underneath the armpits, the chest, behind the ears, the rear end and around the tail, but they can occur anywhere on your dog. We all love our dogs and their happiness is of the utmost importance to us. Grooming is an essential part of their welfare. A well groomed dog is a happy dog. If you require any advice on grooming your dog such as what tools to use, how to hold your dog and what to look for when trying to locate a matt, then please do not hesitate to ask a member of the team.
  • If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the treatment received, please advise within 2 business days so we can do our best to rectify the issue. Pet parents satisfaction is important to us. We take great pride in our service and want pooch’s parents to as well.
  • Bellajojos Spa keeps detailed records of all dogs, treatments and responsible staff. New clients must sign a disclaimer form and some personal details will be retained by BellaJoJos Spa. Client data will be treated in accordance to the data protection principles of the Data Protection Act and will not be shared with 3rd parties.
  • Your dog's safety and wellbeing is our absolute number one priority and every effort will be made to ensure this. We are fully insured and qualified Dog Groomers however please be aware that working with animals and sharp tools means that unfortunately accidents (including cuts, nicks, scratches, over trimming of nails etc.) can occasionally happen. Should an incident occur no liability will be accepted. Similarly, no responsibility will be taken for any irritation, abrasion, or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition, or as a result of the grooming process. We will of course inform you if any problems are encountered during your dog's groom.
  • Cancellation / No Show Policy: Please understand that when you forget or cancel an appointment without giving enough notice we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive our services. As our groomer’s time is reserved specifically for your pooch we cannot provide any exceptions to this policy and the following fees and terms apply:
    • There are no fees applied for cancellations or reschedules that have given 48 hours or more notice.
    • Cancellations or reschedules giving less than 48 hour notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the grooming price.
    • No Shows & cancellations within 24 hrs of the appointment will be charged 100% of the booking. 
    • Clients arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment may have to be rearranged (payment still due) or their appointment service reduced.
    • Clients who have missed a previous appointment will be asked to pay in full when booking all future appointments. These payments are non-refundable in the instance of a no show. In the instance of a rescheduling of an appointment giving less than 48 hours notice the rescheduling fee will be deducted from the advance payment.
    • In order to book your next appointment cancellation and rescheduling fee’s must be paid in full.
    • We can be contacted 7 days a week on email and social media. Phones are manned Tuesday - Saturday only.