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    Our delicious Cow Udder Sticks are simply Air-Dried. High in Protein, this Highly Palatable, Chewy treat is ideal for supporting good Teeth and Gum Health as well as strengthening jaw muscles.

    • Grain and Gluten free
    • High in Protein which aids muscle and tissue repair
    • Low in Fat
    • Contains Selenium which supports the Metabolism
    • Zinc supports healthy Skin and Coat
    • Iron and B12 supports a Healthy Circulatory system and Brain Function
    • Suitable for puppies 12 weeks and over
    • Natural Dental chew promotes good dental hygiene for teeth and gums
    • Longer Lasting chew releases endorphins for good mental health
    • Healthy and Nutritious
    • No Additives or Preservatives
    • Suitable for Dogs of all ages 

      100g packet

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      JR Pet Products