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We have a calm and air conditioned dog grooming salon positioned on Wood Street in Old Town, Swindon.

At BellaJoJos Spa as dog owners we have created the ultimate space in which we feel the dog will feel more at home and at ease with calm and welcoming surroundings. We don't have holding crates and kindly ask owners collect their dogs in a timely manner, we will call you ahead of the groom being completed to ensure no dogs are left unattended. Our staff are City & Guilds qualified and trained for breed standard grooms, or if you wish you can advise on what style you would like your dog to be groomed.

As dog owners we know how important it is for your companion to feel comfortable and happy, so at Bellajojos we work at your dog's pace and encourage love and praise throughout their visit. We have a large fully equipped and air conditioned grooming salon. We only use high quality grooming tools and products, no drying cabinets or crates are used at BellaJoJos Spa. We take pride and pleasure providing a service in which brings joy to others. If you wish your dog to be the only dog in the spa we can offer out of hours VIP slot which will need to be booked in advance. This is great for nervous dogs who are not comfortable around other dogs and have the freedom of the spa to themselves.

We are taking on new clients, of all shapes and sizes and we can cater for all breeds of dog no matter how large. With our calm spa room we will provide a safe and pleasant environment for even the most nervous of dogs.