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    Lightweight Riding Hat conforming to EN1384 Standard With Air Vents and Flexible Peak.

    Available in two colours.

    DRESSAGE REVISES HAT RULE March 17th, 2015. 

    Dressage competitors can continue to wear European standard riding hats until 1st January 2017, it was announced yesterday. 

    A revised British Dressage (BD) rule will allow BS/EN1384 standard hats to be worn in affiliated competitions for an extra 12 months. 

    When the European standard was unexpectedly and suddenly withdrawn last December, BD said it would permit complying hats to be used until 1st January 2016. 

    The new deadline may yet be extended "depending on the publication of the new harmonised European standard, the date for which has yet to be confirmed" said BD in a statement. 

    BD advises that members should update their hats regularly and when doing so that they meet one of the current standards. 

    The revised hat rule also applies to RDA (Riding for the Disabled) competitions.

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