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Red Sequin Bow Harness

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The great features of this harness are as follows: 
 Genuine soft & breathable dog harness 
Comfortable chest strap 
Safe & reliable 
Soft Polyester Air Mesh Dog Harness with Paw logo 
Comfortable around the neck 
Adjustable chest belt 
Machine washable 
The advantages of buying a dog harness with adjustable straps is that it allows you to attach this to your pet to give an exact fit & to feel that extra bit more comfortable, because after all if your pet feels relaxed so will you!! 
With a stylish paw logo on each harness you'll be barking mad not to purchase one. We like to spoil & pamper ourselves so why not spoil your dog for a change. These stylish dog harnesses will be the perfect addition to your daily walks. 
A dog harness is ideal if your dog is likely to pull and is excellent for training purposes! 
These harnesses have been specifically made to make putting on your dog as quick and easy as possible. Simply slip over the head and clip up around the ribs. 
The ultimate comfortable harness for your dog without restricting any movement and without chafing or rubbing! All harnesses are made of soft padded air mesh plush polyester which will not cause your dogs hair to knot or matt. The best choice of harness for dogs especially for smaller breeds which often suffer with throat problems when undue pressure is put on their neck. These harnesses are ideal as they do not put any strain around the neck, distributing the weight of your dog around the chest and shoulders, eliminating any choking or injury that a collar may cause. 
Extra Small 
Neck 18cm or 7.5inch 
Chest 9" to 12" (22.5cm to 30cm) 
Neck 20cm or 8 inch 
Chest 10" to 13"   (25cm to 32.5cm) 
Neck 28cm or 11 inch 
Chest 13" to 18" (32.5cm to 45cm) 
Neck 32.5 cm or 13 Inch 
Chest 18" to 24"  (45cm to 60cm) 
Extra Large 
Neck 37.5cm or 15 Inch 
Chest 22" to 28" (50cm to 70cm)