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Hurtta Outdoors Padded Y-Harness

Hurtta Outdoors Padded Y-Harness

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Hurtta Harness for active dogs, hard wearing and durable

This harness is in the shape of a figure of 8.

Therefore the head fits through the set opening and then the strap goes around the girth behind the front legs. 

This harness is made from a strong and durable material with metal circle for lead attachment.

It has a handy clip so it can easily be placed on to your dog.

With a soft neoprene padded cushioned material that will be gentle next to your dogs body.

Reflective stitching with adjustable strap to enable a comfortable fit.

Rather than putting pressure on your dogs neck if your dog pulls, the pressure is directed onto the chest and therefore not causing damage to the vertebrae.

Comes complete with a tag for you to write your identity telephone number in case your dog should get lost.

Suitable for all dogs especially active dogs and those with back and neck problems.

35cm in Black.

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