Supple Joint Supplement

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Companion Subtle Joint supplement is designed to promote flexibility, mobility and suppleness in less mobile and older dogs. Perfect for dogs with limited mobility due to exercise or a cold environment, Companion Subtle Joint helps to encourage an active and mobile dog, bursting with vitality. Companion Subtle Joint is a rich, top quality source of essential oils. Companion Subtle Joint also is enriched with specially selected vitamins for a beautiful natural sheen to the coat.


Companion Supple Joint is easy to measure and dispense. Simply squeeze to fill the measuring chamber. Mix the following amount daily with food:

  • Small breeds (up to 5kg) - Up to 5ml (approx half the measuring chamber)
  • Medium breeds (5 to 25kg) - 5-10ml (approx half to one full measuring chamber)
  • Large breeds (25 to 35kg) - 10-20ml (one to two full measuring chambers)

250ml bottle