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Diamante Soft Harness & Lead Set

Diamante Soft Harness & Lead Set

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  • Bling Rhinestone Pet Puppy Dog Harness and Leads Crystal Diamante for Dogs In XS,S, M and  L
  • 4 Colors: Pink, Black, Turquoise, Purple
Size Neck Chest Width




9-11"(23-27cm) 12-14"(30-35cm) 1/2"(1.2cm) 5/8"*48"(1.5cm*120cm)
M 10-13"(25-32cm) 13-16"(33-40cm) 5/8"(1.5cm) 5/8"*48"(1.5cm*120cm)
L 11-14"(28-35cm) 15-18"(38-45cm) 3/4"(2.0cm) 5/8"*48"(1.5cm*120cm)
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