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    Series 2 - New collar sizing, if you have purchased this same collar before, please measure your dogs neck to ensure a correct size.

    Suffering from sensitive skin? This collar consists of 3 internal layers: Nylon, Foam & Neoprene. Experience a much more comfortable and pleasant collar experience for your dog.

    Reinventing the martingale styled collar. This slip on collar is perfect for puppies, small breeds and growing dogs.

    We don't believe in collars that choke your dog when your dog pulls, this is why we have adding specific stitching lines where it will be not only safe and comfortable for your dog, but effective. Thousands of people have experienced a much more pleasant walking experience only after the first walk with this type of collar.

    Made with two Stainless Steel D Loops, the larger is slipped over your dog's neck, while the lead is clipped to the smaller. When your dog pulls, the tension pulls the small loop taut, which tightens the larger loop on the neck. This collar also comes with two reflective strips to ensure safer and visible night walks.

    XXS length 27cm-35cm / 11"-13.8" 

    XS length 36cm-42cm / 14"-16.5" 

    length 40cm-47cm / 16"-18.5"

    M length 43cm-51cm / 17"-20" 

    L length 45cm-56cm / 18"-22" 

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