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    Whimzees Dog Chews are a completely edible dog chew made out of 100% natural compounded vegetable fibres.

    Created in a delightful textured shape with a unique vegetable based surface texture, the chews will stimulate the blood flow in your dog’s gums, while also preventing bad breath and removing plaque and tartar from their teeth as the y chew.

    Free from gluten, sugar and artificial flavours, Whimzees also contains malt extract and yeast that helps to improve metabolism and muscle tone, while promoting strong bones and a healthy, shiny coat.

    Potato Starch, Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Lecithin, Yeast, Colour Added (Malt Extract, Annatto Extract, Alfalfa Extract)

    Sold individually.

    Please note that the colour may vary between green, brown and tan which cannot be guaranteed when ordering.

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